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    February 03, 2010


    Alaina Sheer (Cement Marketing)

    Social is search.

    That's the key. Google is now factoring in Bitly's and TinyURLs into search results because of the benefits you list.

    The two - in our eyes - are one in the same and you both feed each other. Which means it's good to be a firm meeting our client's search and social needs.

    Awesome post Leigh, thanks!

    Advergirl (Leigh)

    Thanks for the comments. Check out this story, too, when you get a chance - http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/02/14/BUU51C0AMN.DTL

    Agreed that search and social have different roles, but they tend to compete for the same budget - so, I think the volume/behavior questions are really interesting ones.

     Nate Riggs

    I have agree with Andrea's comment in that social there's not really a competition here. Social and search are becoming one single entity. The nature of social networks and user generated information has forced search to evolve. That will continue throughout the next few years...


    Hmmm... I think Anderson is missing a key point in his comparison. Search is a "pull" technology initiated by through an inquiry request to discover. Social Media is a "push" technology initiated by a user who wishes to share a discovery with others.

    Now social search that's another story ...


    Interesting. I always thought of Social Media as a medium that incorporates search properties into itself. Providing a sort of mash-up of both Social and Search into one cohesive entity. My thinking is that eventually they will blend into one as we move forward into the digital landscape.

    Nice post Leigh! =]

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