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    February 24, 2010


    Savvy Life Coach

    I love it! Yet another great trick to get ahead, save time, and get smarter faster. The best thing about this approach is that you now have a whole new set of co-workers to talk to and get good insights from.

    I will definitely have to share this with my readers.


    Cool term. Work hacker. YOu my this sometimes you do cheating when working?


    Instead of a pay-per-use fee, can I get a buy-out for use of "work-hacking?"

    Rob Flowers

    I dig the term "work-hacking" and will be sure to escrow $.05 for you each time I use it.

    What you perfectly describe is what I have come to call Entrepreneurial DNA. The drive to use unique ideas and unconventional resources to get things done better, or more effectively than by traditional means is what drives innovation.

    A work-hacker's entrepreneurial DNA is usually made-up of the following:

    * Two parts insatiable intellectual curiosity
    * One part mad scientist
    * One part status quo hater
    * One part toe-tapping, watch-checking, horn-honking-if-it-were-not-considered-rude-in-Midwest type.

    (Interesting - those are all core to most 12-year-old minds too.)

    Every successful innovator, entrepreneur, creative and business development person I've known has Entrepreneurial DNA.

    Many organizations rely on work processes and SOP's, but the smart organizations understand that work-hackers are the people that make them better.

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