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    January 21, 2010



    Loved this post -- it really shows how the possibilities AND limitations of Facebook as a social medium for businesses.


    Hegel Eisenhower

    Hey I love your Blog

    Hegel Eisenhower

    Cory O'Brien

    Just when brands are finally starting to experiment with Page design again, Facebook decides to change their Page layout, which means everyone who took a risk and designed a custom page, like Resource Interactive, will have to go back and change everything to fit it in the new, smaller tab width.

    As someone who manages a few Facebook pages, I will say that it's annoying how limited the options that Facebook gives you are for designing a good looking page, and how frequently Facebook changes those options without even really documenting what was possible in the first place.

    Alaina Sheer (Cement Marketing)

    Very nice Resource fan page. But when you enter as a non-fan, as I just did, I am in the app but then can't get back to the wall.

    So I would scale back the fancy a bit and make sure Facebook users can get back to familiar territory easily.

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