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    September 28, 2009


    Marcus Osborne


    I like your blog.

    American enterprises, like those in Europe and here in Asia need to understand that the old mass economy model of attempting to position a product in the cluttered mind of the consumer via TV slots that are invasive and increasingly repetitive (read more on the end of positioning here http://brandconsultantasia.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/is-it-time-to-put-positioning-to-bed/) and can be ignored at the press of a remote control button, is not the way forward.

    Consumers are now creating communities, Seth Godin calls them tribes, where they all congregrate and talk about specific issues. Brands need to investigate these communities further and develop content that resonates with these communities and offer value to them.

    This model will not be driven by the ad agencies, but by the companies themselves.

    Once these companies do this, they will become part of the conversation.

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