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    August 16, 2009



    Very informative posts, but just a question, do know anyone who can attest to this? I mean, there are over a thousand colleges in America and yearly the number of universities offering this program could escalate.

    Paul Marobella

    If you haven't already, check out this use of college social media - it integrates both faculty and student use of social media.


    For Olivet Nazarene.

    Alex Rosenfeld

    This is a great post on college administration use of social media, but I'm wondering whether anyone's seen an article or study on *student* use of social media. Namely, which colleges have the savviest and most active social media student bodies? I'd be very curious if anyone's seen anything along these lines...

    Ed Cabellon

    This is fantastic, thanks for sharing! As someone who is trying to build an online community at a college, this information is great as I look for others who are succeeding! I'm following you now on Twitter and look forward to future posts about Higher Education, technology, and social media!

    Best wishes,

    Jeff Baker

    Engagement is pretty good for us. We have a full time editor/writer to help keep the conversations going here at Smith: http://www.facebook.com/smithcollege

    Nancy Garcia

    The Mayo experience with introducing incoming students to a Facebook site before their arrival for interaction sounds like it would also be excellent for on-boarding of new hires, maybe for a group of interns who arrive all at once, in particular.


    I've been pretty impressed with what the University of Utah is doing in the social media realm. They have a nice suite of sites that engage: facebook.utah.edu, redthread.utah.edu, twitter.utah.edu.

    Stacie Shepp

    This is very helpful. We are working on social media strategy for Dominican University of CA and also their Green MBA program.


    Dave King

    Once again the bottom line appears to be "Know Your Audience!" I'm sure that will be spray-painted across my tombstone by my graffiti-loving colleagues around the country...but it is Rule #1. And
    Rule #2 is never forget Rule #1!

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