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    July 01, 2009



    Great post for a business owner like myself. I would love to share this on my blog www.Informher.com for women business owners looking for expert advice.

    Natalie MacNeil

    Every one of these points resonate with me. I love the pictures from point #1 when you had to wear the business meeting outfit on the surprise tour.

    I was in China a couple years ago and right after a meeting, our group was taken on a tour of this ancient temple. Of course all the women were in heels! Well, the temple was at the bottom of an enormous hill which we had to walk down thousands of steps to get to. Then we had to climb back up to the top. At the end of the day my feet were so sore and blistered, all I could do in the evening was soak them in a tub of warm water.


    I feel like this describes the world of advertising and film. All my finance friends go to fancy hotels, have car services and basically get the royal treatment. But the guys carrying one suitcase thing does get annoying. Although at least women don't have to wear suits in the heat.

    Keith Gregory

    That bathroom looks way cool- love the vintage tile.

    I am sure, however, that some of its in person charm was lost in your iphone picture:-)

    UK Dissertation Help

    Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

    Carol Margolis

    Re #13 and online bill-pay ... I couldn't live without all of the online tools that are available now. I get all bday cards ready at one time and they get sent on the person's bday. If something isn't on my calendar (ALL airlines, hotels and car rentals need to have a feature to update our calendars), it doesn't get done. Oh, and I can watch my dog online when he's boarded at doggy-day-care. I couldn't travel each week like I do without all of the online tools.
    Carol www.smartwomentravelers.com

    Dirk Singer

    Ah now you see I kind of like the prop planes. Bizarrely I find something serene in the hum of the propellers...and there's usually more room too!

    Dirk Singer

    Ah now you see I kind of like the prop planes. Bizarrely I find something serene in the hum of the propellers...and there's usually more room too!


    Leigh, first off, great photos. And, lovely dress. Hiking gear it's not, but it does contribute some to the great photos.

    Travel is full of the unexpected, and while it does make us appreciate home, you have to wonder at some level if our regular "home" existence is not a bit too planned and predictable. Maybe this is why we go completely nuts when something unexpected happens, because no one expects the unexpected anymore. We go around expecting everything to work out exactly the way we planned. Hardly an evolutionary step up in the greater scheme of things, I think.

    Food issues are one of the most common I hear of, and they are very valid. You certainly need to be very careful about what you eat and where you eat it. The same holds true for regular life too, but most of us are such creatures of habit that we never venture towards anything new in the food arena when we're nesting anyway, so it never comes up until we travel.

    I've found that it helps me immensely to have a 'Third World Stomach'. If you make sure you season yourself with a healthy dose of street food on the dangerous culinary streets of Bombay, or any other similarly 'exotic' and urbanely mad locales, your sytem is usually protected against most minor food upsets and inconveniences. Again, a protected existence can have its drawbacks, and if there's one thing I would love to find a way to package and market, it would be the 'Instant-Third-World-Stomach'. I could make millions! But alas, it can only be aquired by careful and dangerous training and experiences in the culinary trenches, far removed from "approved food preparation procedures". Very unfortunate, because I think everyone should have one.

    Glad to hear that your meetings went well, that's some consolation, and about the rest you now have some interesting stories to share. No advertiser should be without their stories. Thanks for a wonderful post.



    A few weeks ago, we were in a 'remote area' of the states filming and Internet access was spotty at best. The hotel claimed to have wireless (but the "I accept" button on the policy DID NOT EXIST! It taunted me daily) and the lamp (yes, the lamp) had a plug that you were supposed to be able to use for internet, but it was a phone line. I still tried to cram my ethernet cord into the hole twice out of frustration.
    I ended up calling the office and reading my copy over the phone (OK, out of stubbornness, I really didn't have time to type all that into an iPhone!)


    This is by far one of your best posts yet! As a fellow business traveler, I feel your pain.

    A. Parker

    Sounds like an amazing trip...ha.

    One of my worst "motel" experiences was in an Econo Lodge that my family was stuck in when our reservations were messed up. I didn't sleep at all. I was 12 and still remember the trauma.

    The carry-on bag is so important. I went to the Dominican Republic for over a week and the airlines lost my luggage. I was stuck in a third world country with no food or clothes, and had to communicate with the airlines in broken Spanish. Carry-on bags have a whole new importance in my life.

    Glad the meeting went well! And hey, you now a great, cringe-worthy, funny after the fact (might take a while?) entry.

    Steve Hall

    Point 14. Always, always true! It always was when I was flying 80,000 miles a year doing pitch after pitch after pitch. It's like some weird guaranteed rule.

    but I've never gone on a hike in a white dress and red heels:)

    Andreas Nurbo

    From my experience in international flying at least.
    Be among the first on the plain so you can put all your stuff in the overhead compartment.
    There are suitcases made espescially for the overhead compartment on the airplanes. Use one of those. Also a shoppingbag are allowed as a carryon don't know why. A reason to be first on flights so you can get more space to fill with your stuff. Get a seat next to emergency exit, more room for the legs.
    Use online checkin if you can otherwise use the checkin machines if there are any. Can save a lot of time.

    And you cant be to careful about the food.
    What I've learnt from my parents visits to about 70+ countries, don't eat exotic food in the country your visiting. McDonalds is usually a safe bet. Don't eat anything that has been rinsed in water if your in South America, Africa or Asia etc. No clean water and/or different germs in it that your stomach ain't accustom to. Bottled sparkling water all the way. Coke also works, is the same everywhere.
    Some examples from high rated restaurants.
    Know two guys that almost died from eating at a, by the hosts, recommended restaurant in Austria.
    A whole business travel group spent a week in the respective hotel bathrooms after eating at a Korean restaurant in Japan that the Japanese hosts took them too.
    So be careful of the food, death ain't a bad trip that can be made a success ;).

    And about point 3. Doesn't matter if its low class if you can sleep there.
    A friend woke up from a huge ass spider climbing on her when staying at a high class hotel in Japan. I think it was some form of tarantula. Try explaining that you want the spider removed to the non english speaking guy you met when your standing in a hallway at 4 am.

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