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    May 27, 2009


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    social media increase self esteem and confidence. It helps people to communicate with other by expressing there opinions and message.


    I think many people overlook the true value of social networking, which is building lasting relationships that are "soup worthy". So many people are just trying to get as many friends or followers as possible, but in doing so are unable to really focus on building lasting relationships. I really enjoyed this post


    hi advergirl

    Richard Tseng

    Let's also not forget the social validation aspect.

    I once felt pretty awesome having a clever comment re-tweeted a couple dozen times and by a couple ad giants who are also heroes of mine.

    I think brands often the influence they wield and reason why so many consumers go to brands in the first place. In fact Twitter is a great way to reaffirm brand values and involve consumers in the process.

    Leslie Poston

    Excellent post :)


    you heard about the guy who used it (Twitter) to get a job at Crispin, right?

    It's a great way to stay in touch, and also an amazingly democratic way to lobby for work.

    Jonathan Burg

    There is an intimate relationship that we form with our social circles on Twitter.

    What's scary, is when you run into someone who is less than "normal" who asks about how that new recipe for soup came out. It only happened to me once, but I was pretty shared.

    Miss Masters

    Great post! And so true on many levels. I haven't seen some of my friends in a long while and I chat it up on Facebook and such and know more about what is going on in their everyday life than ... well the people I see everyday or every couple of days.

    A. Parker

    You summed it up so well! I've so many conversations lately about how online networking is an amazing thing *when used well*. So many people blow it off because they have seen a few people using it poorly, so they miss the real benefit. I have made so many new friends here in Columbus, learned about events, grown as a professional, and built a great little network with people I hope to meet in person soon. Oh, and love the shirt!

    Tara Hunt

    AWESOME post! And a great description of the real human (and real) ways to use twitter. :)

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