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    March 25, 2009


    Laura Montero

    I just received this link by twitter. Great blog and wow! it just inspire me a lot

    Luis Paez

    Great Blog Advergirl, mentioned the Sullivan, Higdon & Sink campaign over at The Direct Marketing Voice

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    It does seem like the most successful agencies are the ones that are as good at selling themselves as they are selling the clients products.For the most part agencies do the same things, offer the same services it's all in the packaging.

    Doug McIntyre

    On behalf of Cult Marketing we thank you for your kind word. Doug McIntyre, CEO.


    First, let me get the gritty part of this comment out of the way. Platforms, agency-positioning, patented methodologies, though models, unique systems, all these are at some level "just some abstract theory". Indisputable truth if looked at in a academic way. Just like all those idol-worshippers are paying homage to just some abstract theory, if you are a firm believer in ultimate spiritual truths.

    That's not to say that that idols and platforms are worthless.

    Advertising is about solidifying abstract brand values into tangible concepts/objects/characters in the viewer's or consumer's mind. That's the only way you get people to believe that Apple is innovative, or DHL is reliable, or whetever other nebulous ideas you want to convey.

    There can't be a more nebulous and intangible idea than the value of the advertising agency itself in the mind of the potential advertising client. If an agency can't solidify it's own abstract value in terms that are appreciated by the potential client, then what are the chances they can help the client with the same problem?

    Suddenly recognizable platforms make sense, and its nice to see examples of agencies that are running with the idea. Thanks for the interesting roundup.


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