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    March 02, 2009


    Amy Desmarais

    Another criteria to add to what makes brands more compelling may be inclusive. A lot of big brands are jumping on the bandwagon (and the small ones struggling to figure it out) but the brands that do it well are the ones that startup the two-way conversation.

    @Suzi West Maybe small brands are more authentic by default because they are viewed as more "helpless" aka people feel the need to stick up for them more and can connect with their struggles.

    Suzi West

    You have got to have heart. The majority of your examples are larger retailers. Maybe because mom and pop businesses don't often think about brands (and should) but just naturally create them through authenticity. I am a small business owner. I have both a business mantra and a mission statement. Our mission statement is simply: to inspire. The mantra is posted on our wall: Breathe. Focus. Believe. The small team of two running the business know it and exemplify it in everything they do. But it originated from the passion of the owner and not necessarily a board room meeting. I love branding and believe "persons" should have an identity. Remember the article "A brand called You".

    Keep the good work coming. Your pov is appreciated.

    Sam Van Eman

    I had a book, but it's out of print. Maybe there's a connection between that and my inability to explain it - or even see it in my mind - in a meaningful, repeatable, embraceable phrase or two.

    Ryan Morgan

    I always wonder how people our age (and younger) feel about Progressive.

    If I wasn't in the biz and was shopping, I'd probably go to their site first thing. Because they do seem to 'get it.' From an ease-of-doing business standpoint. But, ultimately, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable enough to buy without actually *talking* to someone, first.

    I mean, this isn't a pair of trousers you can just send back.

    What about you? You were shopping recently -- did you check out Progressive?

    Simon Li

    Southwest Airlines and Ben and Jerry's are another examples. They both have clear value statement that are transparent to both employees and to consumers. Both companies have employees that "practice what they preach," they are their brand's extensions. They also engage with consumers in differentiated and unexpected ways.


    I did a whole case study on the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Not only did they come out with heart-wrenching sob stories from shelters, but they paid it off with the same dogs in success stories later in the campaign.



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