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    February 16, 2009



    holy crap. these are genius!


    Hey, have you contacted hallmark for marketing?


    Great card ideas - we'd love to use them on our greeting card website (www.pigspigot.com) that is launching soon - recession-themed cards will be an early specialty. Write me at [email protected] and we can see how that might work,


    I would love to be able to send the first one to my boss, or at least share it on Facebook...

    Whitney Hess

    Hilarious, but so sad. Just wanted to say hi! It's been too long since we connected. Hope you're well!


    One hundred percent awesome. I only wish you'd made these three months ago so I'd have been ready.


    Very funny! Fresh honesty to the situation. ArtBistro is always sending me BS blasts that say 'graphic design is one of the hottest growing job markets!' please!


    Oh man. 7% unemployment means that 93% are still working, yo.

    ike raoul

    Don't get laid off from your day job.

    Kyle Lacy

    I'm digging the cards :)


    i love it, leigh! :)

    Elizabeth Hannan

    Bad humor but entertaining cards and a great idea! Would be great if we could use them as an add-on greeting or badge on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


    K Ruoff

    And to think I've simply been buying suddenly jobless friends the beautifully patterned and scripty "shit" cards at On Paper. (Great card line for these kind of situations: Offensive + Delightful,
    http://oplusd.com, style #rd.14 is my favorite, be sure to read the "warning" on the back.)


    How about a can of Salvation Army soup?

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