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    February 15, 2009



    I'd love to see a U-Haul ad. I could have used one a few years ago.
    When the going gets tough.....

    Mike Brown

    Smart and fresh. Thanks. Might be better for micro target messaging than broadcast though, backlash can be a bear and could be a downer for range of audiences hurting overall brand feel-goodiness.

    Michael Reed

    You are brilliant.

    This gives me an idea. You know how facebook shows "In a relationship with" or "Married to" as part of the user stats? How about a facebook app where users pick which friend they would keep in a break up.

    You would think social network companies like facebook would be interested in what relationship fractures would do to network topology seeing that 50% of marriages end in divorce these days.


    Clever. Provocative, too. Especially on the heels of Valentine's Day. ...Wondering if these types of ads would actually connect with divorcees or create a backlash a la "Why don't you rub my face in my failed relationship, then?!"

    But, oh, that is the beauty and grace of a savvy market research team, no?


    Funny adverts, but I´m not sure if it can be an effective target...



    Brian Swichkow

    That Target advertisement is rediculous. Isn't there a line anymore?

    Bob G

    Funny as hell but please don't get in trouble like Adrants did with Virgin!



    Ha, FUNNY! Nicely done, good way to channel your ideas.

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