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    January 16, 2009



    Wow!!This is creativity at its very best. I am very impressed i had to book mark it.


    Your blog is not only enlightening, you do the world a great service by sharing this sort of information. Thank you! Valuable stuff I am discussing with my favorite nonprofit here in Hooterville, the local women's shelter. Keep it coming. I learn so much!


    Hi! This is a really great and special ad, thought you might like it!



    I love the work on The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio... Great simple idea which really integrates social media platforms


    I really love the design of the wecanbuildanorphanage.com site. It's a great example of how you can easily get across what you're about, what you're trying to achieve and how you can be involved all on one page! Great use of drag & drop functionality too. Keep up the non profit posts, they're really insightful!

    Erin Toberman

    do you know who built the website for wecanbuildanorphanage.com? I would like to contact them.

    Todd Schnick

    I enjoyed your three-part series for non-profits. I have shared them with my organization: http://www.furniturebankatlanta.org/

    We provide furniture for families and individuals just out of homelessness or fleeing domestic violence.

    What do you think about offering people a chance to personally select (thru an online donation) furniture for families? Such as selecting twin beds for children, a kitchen table set for a family, or a sofa for a young couple...

    And does personalizing it make a difference in increasing contributions? (something like "This furniture was donated by the Smith Family")

    What do you think?

    Marti Bledsoe Post, The Women's Fund of Central Ohio

    At The Women's Fund, we created blog/social media guidelines for our bloggers, an editorial calendar to keep things straight, and we "practiced" by sending each other draft posts via email long before the site was up and running. All of it has paid off as we've launched.


    Shared access and buy-in across an organization is a very, very powerful thing. Do you have any tips on managing it? I'm finding a lot of crossed signals and duplication and some tips on communication around this would be very helpful.

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