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    January 21, 2009


    Pete McGinty

    I have never heard of Kaplan, but it's interesting that strong production value, good delivery, drama and a value proposition that seems to make sense, created some affinity all by itself. I thought the spots were killer.

    bob hoffman

    Let's talk about the Carnival commercials for a minute.

    We'll start with the target. We have to assume that Carnival is not out to waste its money by advertising to people who have no propensity to travel. And yet this is exactly what they are doing.

    I know nothing about the cruise industry, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that people most likely to take a cruise are people who have previously taken a cruise or done other types of luxury travel.

    Anyone who has done so will look at these commercials, scratch her head, and say, what planet are these people from?

    Someone who has never cruised or taken a luxury vacation may be fooled by this nonsense, but no one with any experience in the travel category will.

    As for Kaplan, "adalert" is right. Just because these spots are benefit-free, doesn't mean they have "emotion."


    Craig, That is Uncle Phil!

    Personally I don't like these commercials (I'm talking about the Kaplan ads). Frankly, I find them slightly patronizing and I think that when attempting to create 'emotional' campaigns you really have to work harder on trying to understand the people you are speaking too.

    Having said that, I'm not exactly their audience, so maybe I' wrong.



    Remember when advertising tried harder? I wish these commercials did.

    craig murray

    Really love the Kaplan spots! And is that Uncle Phil?

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