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    November 12, 2008


    Steffan Postaer

    Very astute observations, Advergirl.
    Enjoyed and learned,


    Cool set up! I love your blog.

    Its weird, the whole social media thing is so ridiculously strong right now! When will this boom go bust like the housing market did?


    This one of your three manifestos thus far is the one I believe is the most important. Building a community is going to be on the top of everyones list. Its such an obvious task that everyone will try to do it and customers will grow wary of most companies community building efforts. Activating ambassadors assumes that there will be quality evangelists that could lend authenticity and credibility to your message. I think the supply of influential people who could perform admirably as ambassadors will grow thin. So this one isnt going to be the fault of the corporation but rather the age old problem of talent scarcity.

    Listening well however is something that every corporation can exercise discipline and creativity to. If companies can learn to utilize social media as a way for them to strengthen the feedback loop, I think theyll derive greatest benefits.

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