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    September 02, 2008


    Manik Kinra

    Awesome one!

    Kat Ramirez


    This is a great post, as usual.

    This reinforces the point I am trying (not yet succeeding, though) to make in a post I'm writing. Not to sound too pollyanish, I believe that most people are inherently good and are looking for ways to give back. Technology is just one of the arrows in the war chest of consumers. It's one, though, that can give people the confidence, awareness and ultimately access to make a difference to things that are important to them.

    Michael Leis

    Drats. I meant give, not have.

    Double drats.

    Michael Leis

    Excellent post -- even more to your point, what if you have someone a unique memento of their micro-donation to be proudly displayed on the social network of their choice? And one to share? Ton of untapped potential for all kinds of organizations as you've so eloquently pointed out.

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