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    September 07, 2008



    Those Minneapolis spots are easily the funniest things I've seen in months. What great work and kudos to the city for having the guts.

    Condo Blues

    I think that Columbus Convention and Tourism could learn a lot from the Maine campaign and take a page from their book. One easy adaptation that comes to mind is showing a bunch of rapid OSU football fans (which is what everyone thinks of when you think of Columbus, including when I was traveling in England! Peopple tend to forget that there are 6 other institutions of higher learning in our fair city.) Then say something like "if you think thats all there is to Columbus, you're kidding yourself" and then show a montage of non-OSU Columbus sites, Short North, COSI, Irish Fest, Greek Fest, etc. Another spot could focus on how Columbus with all of it's different ethnicities is really like a mini-UN right in the middle of the heartland. Not only do we have German & Italian village but we have a thriving Asian community due to OSU & the Honda plant in Marysville, The Latino Festival, a somilan community, and tons of small mom & pop ethnic grocery stores (Greek, Middleeastern, Hispanic, Asian, Somali.)

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