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    July 09, 2008



    Thanks to David and others for your comments and emails about the circa 1995 photo of melodramatic me. When I turned 29, I collected a photo from each year of my life thus far. Truly brave for someone raised in the 80s.

    So, if you thought 95 was great, here are 28 equally ridiculous pics. You won't want to miss 1992: http://leighhouse.typepad.com/photos/29_years_later/

    David Griner

    It's an interesting point about what it means when we post about our agencies' work on blogs that aren't affiliated with our jobs. Most normal humans seem to avoid even mentioning their work online unless they're 1. bitching anonymously or 2. earnestly proud of what they're doing.

    In marketing, I think everyone defaults to assuming we're shilling ourselves, our clients, etc.

    Since starting my new life as an officially endorsed blog, I've actually found myself gun-shy about mentioning the agency because we're dead set against it being a sales tool. But at the same time, I'm proud of what we do and what to talk about it. I suppose it's a good problem to have.

    Great photo, by the way. Love that the guy looks in awe of your bangs.

    Joe Doyle

    One blog I follow makes sure to mention – when he talks about his agency in a positive light – that he works there, too. He is impartial, so to speak, but I believe it holds up.

    Your post brings up a lot to think about with the skepticism aspect. But you also have to deal with people's ulterior motives, because you never know why they might be calling you out.

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