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    July 22, 2008


    Jon Burg

    What a post!

    Considering writing a response - 10 New(ish) Things My Wife Isn't Ready for Me to Be Ready For. Examples would include - life blogging, professional video chat from home, yet another class of gadgets (in addition to our multiple phones, mp3 players, the Wii, multiple computers, the Chumby, our myriad of baby monitoring gadgets...).

    There are places we won't/can't go.

    There is personal space we need, disconnectivity we demand. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy Cavanaugh

    You hit on my number one pet peeve with your "Accepting ugly for function". You said it more elegantly than I have but I am tired of seeing poorly designed web site or ezine, even if the content is good, and even more tired of people blindly lauding it as amazing. Just because you have the capability to do something doesn't mean you have the ability to create something attractive.


    joe doyle

    Great post. I've been seeing number three quite often. I think it's all the eager beaver startup entrepreneurs who have great ideas, no cash, and a desire to design (badly, although they don't think so).

    Mark Tosczak

    There's a battle for mediocre blog rankings? How do I get in on that?

    Seriously, great post. This is how I often feel -- I'm an early adopter on a lot of stuff, but on some things I'm still kind of old fashioned. And the new style of security questions -- that's killing me. I end up just writing it all down on sticky notes.


    "Local strangers" hits the best use of Twitter right on the head. Yeah, it is a firehose of useless info, but I can tune it to be what I want, and right on my phone if I so desire.

    Now if they can just keep it running....

    Alan Wolk (The Toad Stool)

    Great post Leigh-- you hit on a number of my fears as well-- love the CB radio analogy for Twitter, don't get group shopping, FB friending by people I barely knew in high school (as in I have to look at their friends list, see a number of high school classmates listed there and then think "ah, that's where I must know them from")
    I don't tag or Digg things either- the tags on my blog relate to my own non-SEO friendly categories.

    Oh, and security questions always drive me crazy because while my mother's maiden name was clearly one name, is my elementary school The Oakwood School? Oakwood School? Oakwood? Oakwood Elementary?

    Thanks to @griner for bringing me here.

    David Griner

    It'll be a few more weeks at least before my new blog even qualifies for the Power 150. Then, and only then my friend, we shall see who wins the battle of mediocre rankings.

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