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    June 03, 2008


    Jim Bender

    Great post. Rubs off the old tarnish from traditional roles and reveals what they should really be about.

    courtney g

    great explanation. i appreciate all your knowledge and find myself nodding along with what you say often.

    At my agency we have interactive project managers/producers and account service so I'm wondering if you agree with having someone specifically focused on project execution, budget, scope creep etc. Or is this something you feel the account team owns?


    Very well written! I would say that you omitted Information Architect and potentially media (SEO, SEM, Display) and analytics people as they must be cross pollinated/inform direction if possible.

    Joe Doyle

    Sweet read. Nobody can do it alone is absolutely perfect.


    What an excellent overview of "the team." Working for a manufacturing company with an online presence, this same model can be generally applied to an internal online team as well (not just for ad agencies!). Traditional marketing organizations suffer from the same issues like you've mentioned above, in particular "getting teams to work together in entirely different ways" as it pertains to online.

    "Your shared role: Creators of an experience. No one specialist can do it alone." Perfectly articulated!


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