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    June 26, 2008



    Thanks for the shout out about [email protected]!


    Advergirl - Thanks for the link to YBNBY. I appreciate it. Normally I usualy chuck DM but this one had my home address and I had just moved (not forwarded) so whomever is behind it really did their homework.

    Joe Doyle

    Actual hand-written mailers are always opened, second only to the dimensional ones. The insurance agent mailer is perfect for large insurance corps with local affiliates, too.

    We're doing something similar for a national provider with local offices.

    Thanks for blogging the example.

    - jd


    i totally agree with the direct mailing idea -- have you seen Matter? http://www.matterbox.co.uk/ not in the states yet, and not sure how local it is, but still a cool idea -- also just wrote about it early this morning http://www.yaybia.com/2008/06/matter-box.html


    Hello Advergirl,

    I hope you know I was not attacking you on LaraK's blog! I think the food drive is a great thing to get involved in! Lara and I work together so trust me when I say she's the nicest person ever- I've never heard her say a negative comment about anyone!

    I LOVE your site! Your site is exactly what I want mine to look like, but I just started blogging so I have a ways to go. I talk about the transition from college to the corporate advertising world and all my fun stumbles along the way. Come check it out if you get a chance!

    I look forward to reading more on your site!



    thanks for the kind words!

    it IS shaping up to be a community project for the common good. we're just supplying the ingredients, is all. building collaborative partnerships and seeing where people want to take it.

    PS. feel free to pass a couple out to your favorite shops!

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