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    June 23, 2008


    advertising public relations

    I like the video and how it was presented. It's a really good way of advertising




    I disagree. I think that with the ever-increasing number of things to capture people's attention, ads are going to have to be MORE like this.

    It will only be the engaging marketing that is going to break through. People will tune out :30 of product features, especially if they don't consider themselves interested in buying whatever is being sold.

    And if the marketing is good enough, it will end up being blogged about or on YouTube, where it can live indefinitely.

    John Kiker

    Nicely said. My concern in this economy is that we'll continue to see panicked marketers who turn to feature-driven ads that focus on price and value and fail to run it up the emotional ladder. Auto is already there, and things like what Kia is doing with their ads are an indication that you won't see them go after a more emotionally resonant position. I think the examples you gave are fantastic, but they are quickly disappearing.

    What I do think we're starting to see is a move of more emotionally resonant stuff online (fitting in to both your categories). Dove's social marketing is a good example, as well as Nike+.

    Really enjoy your posts.

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