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    May 12, 2008


    Andrea Hill

    OT: Hello Leigh, your blog got flagged by my google alert for 'iCitizen' so I stopped by. I saw your tweet about AJAX and ADA Compliance. Actually, many screen readers (JAWS, FireVox) can pick up changes to the DOM (content written to the page). There is also an initiative called WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications) that is working on defining all sorts of roles and states of elements to help make RIAs more accessible. They grapple with issues like "politeness" - if something updates in the background, should the screen reader interrupt the user's activity, or wait until they're done?

    Sorry, you happened to tweet about something I just completed my Masters research on! :)

    If you wanted to chat more, I'll be manning the lifestreaming/blogging session at the social media cafe at iCitizen next week :)


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