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    May 28, 2008


    Ad Broad

    Excellent (and oh so informative) post, Advergirl. And what about unmatched socks: newly divorced upper manager who can not, for the life of him, get why she left.


    Well, Advergirl. I can say you basically nailed me with my dull colored socks. But then I went to look at what kind of socks the non-worker bee creatives would be wearing and I noticed you left that off. Hmmm. Advergirl, you disappoint me.

    And that does bring up a point, what kind of creative is the non-worker bee creative. Is that a creative who shoots for the cheese-moon every time, can't sell much, and produces three campaigns a year?

    I don't think he can afford socks.


    Hahaha... awesome post.

    I'd like to add wooly socks (possibly with sandals) for the aged hippy creative. Also, Christmas-themed socks for the guy entry-level account coordinator who just moved into his own place and hasn't figured out how to do laundry yet. (Maybe that's too specific).

    On a side note, today I'm wearing socks with skulls on them. It probably means that I want to be a pirate.


    What do Hello Kitty socks mean? :) I'm wearing mine right now. Black, Hello Kitty. Oh, right, it means I wish I was 14 again. Yeah. True.

    Shana Ray

    The best thing about this post is also the worst, it is that it is VERY true. One thing about the argyle sock wearer is that they think they are being witty and ironic, but I have met some that are just a bit sad. Only the select few can truly pull this off.

    Thanks for the reminder and the laughs.

    Will you be doing a follow up on Adwomen and their shoes?

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