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    May 08, 2008



    and...thanks for posting the presentation. great info.


    How do you pull together the group of brand enthusiasts to talk about your brand? It might seem easy to just contact those that are blogging about your brand but would that seem less "real"..recruited/corporate? Is it better to recruit from an existing list of folks that interact with your brand?


    Good stuff. Slides 11 & 18 are my favs.

    Liza James

    Thanks for sharing! Not only did I find the information helpful and easy to understand, but the design was particularly nice too :)



    Thank you for sharing the slides. I am a member of my school's PRSSA, and I bet they would love to see them as well.

    Billy Fischer

    Thanks for posting the slides. I'm sharing with folks here at b&a.

    I'm pumped to read some of your book recommendations.

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