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    May 03, 2008



    Splendid advice...and sorry, I have to ask...are you single?


    Awesome advice! I love how you captured agency life! I worked for Chiat for 7 years and DDB for 3 years. Bullets #3 & #4, too true, SOOO TRUE!

    Kristen Bennett

    Good tips! Being upfront is a good, rare piece of advice--while being personable and eager-to-please is good, a realistic outlook will save you a lot of pain and stress down the line. Enthusiasm and tactful honesty will make the best impression, and the interviewer will remember your sincerity instead of becoming a faceless yes-girl.

    There's an article here--


    --that might be of some help, from Job.com, on how to distinguish yourself in a high-pressure environment for interviews. The website (www.job.com) is a job board with free registration and over 1.5 million job postings to search. I hope this helps! (Actually, I'm sure it will.)

    Jim Belosic

    I wish I could have an employee interview like this! Item number 4 is key...show that you can adapt to change. Especially with a small ad agency, you will need to wear many hats, usually all at the same time.

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