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    April 01, 2008



    The Nintendo website seems to be quite good. It is hard to find good websites for children.

    Holly Roby

    The honey bee site is beautiful but oh-so painful to wait for each and every piece of information to load. I gave up on it even though the peril of the honey bees is keeping me awake at night.

    Love your blog; read it all the time.



    thanks for the modernista point.
    i'm surprised at my utter disdain.


    I have you on RSS and sometimes peek in. I work for the Government and Safety division of MOT and I don't think anyone in my group had ever seen that Motorola City site. Go figure. Anyways, I write the manuals for the infrastructure and some of the operator GUIs seen in the Command Center tab - specifically the MCC7500 and the FSA4000 software. The infrastructure for the systems aren't mentioned because no one cares about routers and switches unless they fail. :)

    It's nice to see a positive company shout out these days. So, thanks.

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