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    April 29, 2008



    Absolutely wonderful. This is of so much help!!! Although, I can't seem to view the 'before' CV - can you re-upload it?


    Hey Ross and S - sorry I didn't post the answer sooner. I thought Lance had this one. He designed them in Quark. Most of it could be faked in Word though with some patience and clever text boxing. Let me know if you need help.


    Hi Advergirl, did you ever respond to Ross P Walker above? I'd love to know what you used as well! :)

    Ross P Walker

    Wow, what a transformation!! What did you use for your redesign of these resumes? I'm inspired to redo mine now!!! Looks like another late night for me :-/

    Chris Posey

    I've loved both makeovers so far. One problem with John Quebec's: there is a noun/pronoun agreement error in the "Who I am" section. "Client" is singular and "their" is plural. Technically, they should either be both singular or both plural. I know that this is becoming commonplace these days, but just to make sure that it is completely error-free for potentially anal-retentive hiring managers, you might consider a simple revision like "I'm a passionate advocate for my clients and their customers." Grammatically correct without having a negative effect on the "feel" of the section.

    Jim Bunzol

    Great post! I have a few friends that could benefit from these ideas.

    Your John Quebec resume actually gave me an idea for a "tag cloud" section to add as well.

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