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    March 12, 2008



    Nice spot. I thinks it really puts a human face on the company but I doubt that it is very catchy.

    Philip Downer

    Yep... These spots are a great example of a company's perceived sincerity. I really like the way that they were able to tell a common story in an uncommon way.

    Craig McNamara

    It's a nice spot, warm and credible and obviously puts a human face on the company. But I doubt viewers are going to be "tearing up" at the spots -- unlike the long-distance spots you mention, here the focus is on the service person not the people being served. Again, not to say it's not an effective spot; it is, just in a different way.

    More ad commentary at http://craigmcnamara.blogspot.com/

    Lance Dooley

    Thank you Advergirl. Damn proud of these spots. Never could have happened without our friends Jimmy Greenway and Michael Nadeau from our production company, Art & Industry. Not to mention our client, Kent Rambo from AAA, for having the backbone to do spots that are talking to his customer, and not screaming.

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