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    December 02, 2007


    Design Dyke

    In a course I took recently, we had to come up with 3 words that described us... then whittle it down to one. Mine is 'stargazer' - I like to travel and explore both literally and metaphorically and this word seemed to encompass all that. Great blog! xxDD


    :) Well, apparently, I'm "sassy."

    A while back, I wrote a series called The Art of Self-Branding -- http://www.artofselfbranding.com/ -- and I suggested people pretend to be amnesiacs and go through a word-association game with their friends, colleagues, family, and strangers.

    It might be a good exercise to go through to get a more "accurate" personality, versus what you WANT to be or what you THINK you are.

    daily biz

    On strategy while trying all too hard to be funny.

    And funny in one of those borderline ridiculous ways...I secretly wish I was Owen Wilson. Nose and all.

    Scott P. DeMenter

    Devilishly handsome.


    Eggselent spellr.

    Though my wife would say spectacular jackass.


    Irreverently informative.


    Indecisively analytical.

    But that last one is far less marketable.

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