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    December 04, 2007


    Jon Burg

    I really enjoy these lists - great for keeping yourself balanced and on-track. Thanks for sharing, please keep them coming!


    I always like when you do those knid of posts.

    Althrough I agree with you, it's not in all the companies that can be done. Old style companies prefer employees that execute nor then employees that are responsabilized and try to add value....

    Andrey Po

    Thanks for ideas.
    Very interesting list
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    How about a list for an indispensable boss? :)

    Paul Corrigan

    Excellent list. I would add one.

    Don't be afraid of failure.


    Thanks for taking the time to share lessons like this. I'd add a few additional tips that I share with every new hire:

    - Own your projects
    - You are always on stage
    - Manage your manager
    - Build client relationships (so that it's easier to help you improve than to fire you)



    Good list. Although I disagree with your advice to never be silent in a meeting. As I get further on in my career I've become a big believer that "still waters run deep." Not 100% of the time - you can't be a mute. But you've got to measure your words - otherwise they are just verbal spam.

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