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    November 09, 2007



    Oh, okay.
    So no we didn't "intertwine", she just basically explains "her" service is free because: only online, so no paperwork, no personnel costs etc. Then in the end the viewer realizes (or I hope so anyway) that everything she says is also true about the checkings account because of the same reasons.

    Oh and yeah, Bruno at ING is brave, he's my favourite client.

    Leigh / Advergirl

    Hey, Christian. Thanks for your comment. Clarification: By totally separate all I meant was it's a fun experience and then you move to the brand. Often, marketers will make what is essentially a funny brand spot (meaning the fun and the ad are intertwined for the entire experience)and expect that to quickly go viral. I think it's a brave thing for a marketer to approve a project where the brand literally sponsors the content instead of being a part of it. Cool approach. Cheers-


    I'm the creative behind ING's campaign.
    It's weird to have it show up on a blog I've been reading for so long.

    Anyway. I dunno if things got lost in translation or if I just suck (the latter I guess). But the viral part being entirely separate from the brand sponsorship is untrue. At least to me. The whole "idea" is that the bathroom site is "next to" the ING site, and that's what she says: "The site next door.." which is a surreal suggestion of course.

    Maybe it's typical local humor, but the campaign is quite the success in Belgium.

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