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    November 07, 2007


    how to write a cover letter

    Having a blog is not a great cover letter - a cover letter is! But that's not to say that it's bad to have a blog, they're just two completely different ways of communicating.


    It's pretty simple ... you must open with something that clearly demonstrates that this letter was written specifically for this person. If you can pull them in that way, they are captive readers throughout.

    jen_chan, writer SureFireWealth.com

    Greetings Advergirl!

    I think one of the factors that can really separate an applicant from the rest is his or her knowledge about the company itself. I totally agree with the whole drag the template down to the trash bin thing. Imagine fifty or sixty cover letters that all look and sound the same. I mean, ultimately, the company is looking for people who would fit into the workplace perfectly. If the applicant is seriously interested in working for the said company, it should be reflected on the cover letter.

    Seni Thomas

    Having a blog is the best cover letter. Just write about your analysis and thoughts on the industry, or anything that expresses your passions. A cover letter is just too restricting to fully express yourself, at least in my opinion. I usually start by expressing some background about myself and an excerpt from a provocative post to lure them over.

    my 2 cents.


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