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    November 14, 2007



    Yeah, my note is also about: Hello, you've got a good, thought-provoking blog going on. :) And you're an AE! F'n rad! I sit in a pod of cubicles with two AE's and man, you guys work hard! I work hard too, but to be an AE, is a science and an art. And you blog, so kudos to you.

    I was linked here from Faris Yakob's blog. Do you know him personally? Or just blog buddies?

    Anyway, you say deep-Midwest, but you're in Ohio. I'm from Oregon and I'm in Dallas now. Is this "the South?" Still figuring out the middle of the U.S. :p


    This is obviously very important for advertising. I just hope people are also considering how this sort of fragmented readership effects other online activities. What about people who use the internet to get their news, for example?


    i like your blog a lot. I think its pretty interesting and fun. Im gonna add you as a link in my blog. If u want to check mine , be my guest!

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