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    October 27, 2007





    Web 2.0 is another one of these terms jumped on by the media and so-called experts. From one person who doesn't have a clue an interwebz phenomenon is born.

    Web 2, in the original concept, has never been finalised released. It involves different protocols & IP structure to vastly improve speed & bandwidth utilisation making true real time, multi-media & multi-application possible in a way that present technology just can't.

    Web 2.0 to most programmers & designers means nothing more than utilising technological convergence & evolutions in web design as a method of making marketing easier & more prolific. So when the real web 2 (or internet 2 as it was also known) is implemented most dociles will end up buying a new cd off ebay instead... haven't we come a long way?


    There's also an issue of honesty and transparency that's essential, and - in many ways - the hardest part of making Web 2.0 work, especially for large corporations that aren't used to showing their cards to customers and external stakeholders. For your list, I think it would be called something like "From sanitized to straightforward." A good Web 2.0 brand example for this category would be SAP & all the transparent conversations they've sponsored about Web 2.0.


    Leigh –Your analysis is great. From my experience, two principles seem to be missing to me: real time and collaboration. Here’s my shot at articulating those themes
    1. Real time content creation - From One time to real time. Web 1.0 example any corporate brochure ware site. Web 2.0 in the raw – twitter, Web 2.0 brand – nikerunning
    2. Collaborative content creation – From corporate content to collaborative content – Web 1.0 example - Encyclopedia Britannica online. Web 2.0 in the raw wikipedia. Web 2.0 Amazon, wikipedia, linux


    If you click the link to The Onion above, you'll have to delete the end parenthesis in order to get the link to load correctly. Sorry!


    On principle #6, would you consider Amazon.com to be the original branded killer app for W2.0? (it's so widespread, it's subject to satire; see http://www.theonion.com/content/news/amazon_recommendations_understand)

    Also, please explain how the Kashi website counts as "Me" in #8. It seems a lot like "You" to me...


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