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    October 31, 2007


    William Carson

    I bought a Ravella Plasma TV Console at just $899 by using Macys Promo Codes........!!

    Eliot Frick

    I can't really take issue with your analysis. The ads are compelling as ads go. That said, to my mind, it is more instructive to consider whether a $100 million ad campaign is really the antidote to Macy's lagging sales. Will the campaign sate those who decry the loss of the Marshall Field's brand (http://fieldsfanschicago.org/)? Will it sate the young cosmetics consumer who has abandoned Macy's accosting (and tired) cosmetics department in favor of Sephora?

    Advertising is more effective, IMHO, when the glowing brand perception it seeks to have obtain in the audience is actually commensurate with the experience that audience has in the store. A focus on the quality of the experience had by one's customers requires stuff like, y'know, changing the corporate culture, reconsidering operational structures and so forth. Which, hey, that's hard. Can't we just run some ads?

    jon burg

    While I agree with all of the points you've made, I think the most resonant aspect of these spots was their authenticity. It runs smooth and it feels like a real conversation, not a forced dialog between celebrity spokespeople. I'm not sure if this is due to fantastic coaching, well written copy or strong celebrity acting skills, but it just feels much more organic than much of the garbage we're seeing with celebrity spokespeople.

    As a consumer you know it's a sales pitch, but it feels natural and invited, not fake and manufactured.

    But then again, this could just be me.


    I couldn't agree more. And I must say I'm a little relieved that Macy's is finally giving me a reason to shop its store. I'm tired of parking in the Macy's lot in the mall (because it's the only place I can find space) and walking through its tired product assortment to get to the fun specialty store.s Now I've finally got a reason to stay!

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