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    October 09, 2007




    We are working out all of the kinks in our new technology and making room for scalability. The real value in this technology is the data it collects. Once a business signs a contract for service the owner will have access to phone #s, statistical data, and other propitiatory info we formulate. They can now TXT message coupons and specials directly to a person’s cell phone via our other technology easyTXTR.com. It works with point-of-sale systems to track unique coupon codes and supply real data when a sales cycle is complete.

    The two tools work in tandem. We just broke it down into 2 pieces to allow customers to choose their service needs.


    I like the idea (innovative) and it has a lot of potential but with so much attention being built around tools that create brand buzz - the consumer is left out. A lot of people are looking for engagement on a more personal front.

    I see this potentially becoming a medium that joins the realm of online click-ads or mobile marketing.

    How is this being promoted to companies as an effective marketing tool that impacts ROI? Out of curiosity... Or is this the only promotion for it so far...?


    Take a look at the newest version of our PBT here: http://www.easytxtr.com/wordpress/?p=10



    You are correct. easyTXTR and DOmedia do share a space together in Columbus, Ohio. This technology was developed over 3 days last week and finished on Saturday evening at 8pm. The Bristol Bar and the blogs were pretty much her first exposure to our product. What are your thoughts on this technology?


    wait. both DOmedia and easytxtr are based out of the same location, aren't they? and laura's the vp of communications (or something) at DOmedia... hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Laura Brooks

    I saw the same company create an interactive messaging experience on Wednesday at Bristol Bar (Summit & Fifth). In addition to the bar patrons sending messages back and forth, they could text "VIP" to the same number to receive drink specials and be notified of special events.

    This type of technology has a whole host of applications and provides a glimpse into the future of direct marketing. It provides a benefit to both the consumer and the marketer....consumers are entertained and can opt-in to receive "members only" benefits; marketers can build their client lists to facilitate mobile marketing initiatives.


    I agree that this has less of a commitment feel than engaging in a long-term online ordeal

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