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    October 03, 2007


    Laura Brooks

    I think another challenge to the online shopping experience vs. traditional bricks & mortar is our desire for instant gratification. Given the constraints of time and space (at least today), spontaneous purchases are less likely to occur online because you don't get the satisfaction of walking out the door, purchase in hand. If I'm browsing through my local bookstore and run across a book that looks interesting, I'd rather buy it right then and there so I can dive right in, rather than waiting a couple of days for it to arrive on my doorstep.


    If BN is relocating online what will happen to the BN stores all over the U.S.? I think BN makes a great community where people can preview a book while drinking coffee and eating a nice cake!

    ryan morgan

    one aspect of the community bookstore experience that barnes & noble and other big-box retailers will never be able to replicate, online or otherwise, is the amount of local economic activity locally-owned merchants generate vs. competitor chain stores -- more than three times as much on equal revenue.

    i may obsess about the latest vollmann or david foster wallace tome online (please, god, let there be another), but i'll willingly endure merciless bouts of claustrophobia in the book loft just to by it locally. at a higher price.

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