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    September 14, 2007



    I know this makes me sound ancient, but I feel that youngsters today tend to have very short attention spans. According to a survey I came across, students in Canada can concentrate for just 22 minutes at one go, which incidently is the time frame of a television programme.

    Philip Maes


    No comments but a question. We're doing this book and campaign on the 'breaking the rules' approach of agencies and clients. Like the British Rail pitch from Saatchi (know it?) or the Dogshit campaign from KesselsKramer Amsterdam.

    Do you know good stories on the subject?

    (Belgian copywriter)


    It’s too bad that the New York Times didn’t pick up a quote from someone at Retirement Living TV. I think they’ve only been on the air for about a year, and they’ve created some very compelling content for the 55+ crowd. They’re building a website that’s video-rich for this demographic, and are a real leader in the space due to its following so far which proves the stickiness hypothesis – www.rl.tv .



    Well, old folks have just as much interest in the internet as we do I guess. We meaning the 30-something set. Cool article -- thanks for posting.

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