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    September 18, 2007



    I also love the House Fire one. I have a few questions regardig this particular ad. Is it original? and the music is very nice and has anyone heard it before? By the way, when is this campaign running in USA?


    If they do offer psychological help, I'm DEFINITELY switching


    I like them all but the one about losing your home. The work seems too light for the severity of this event.


    That's interesting..!

    It's almost as if they suggest more then physical help, but also psychologic help! "Having trouble getting to work after a car accident?" Do they mean they not only give you another car, but also the therapy that would detraumatise you?


    I've been watching this campaign too. (I particularly like the second one above-house fire). I agree, the fourth gets to be a little creepy. (I guess that's their intention?)
    I have wondered about how Farmer's is going to put their money where their mouth is. These ads make HelpPoint seem to be an uncannily ideal solution. Very strategic choice of words: "could" and "help." We'll see. Thanks for the post!

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