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    August 02, 2007


    Custom Logo Design

    Thanks for the chart, few minutes ago i was thinking for the bounce rate that what it is, now got it through your post. Thanks alot.


    Good points. I would also bring up for your consideration compatibility. Many of todays sites still do not subscribe to the W3C's design standards.

    The problem is that if you don't design for these standards you don't know what someone using a browser other than Internet Explorer sees including mobile phones, FireFox, Mac users etc.


    First, I want to say your blog is one of my favorites and I am glad you are back.

    Secondly, I think many of the metrics you put here deal specifically with web usability and so many sites today fail to align their usability and design into a successful package.

    So I would suspect any conversation on web design ROI should incorporate a high-level of usability. We should constantly be asking questions like is this feature engaging? Is it easy to find?

    So a redesign is not nearly enough to tip the traffic scales anymore. You have to stand out in a web full of sites by addressing your own sites as a story that is engaging, refreshing and usable.

    PS - Thanks for the Buzz measure (Full disclosure - I work for Nielsen BuzzMetrics) many people leave this out and it is so important these days.

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