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    August 08, 2007



    I like where they're heading. For the first time I feel like a store is getting what I've been wanting. Michaels is evolving. I can't wait to see what they're going to do next.


    Wow, these are super cool, thanks for sharing them out. One comment: I don't think that these are just advertising trends, I think they're business trends. We're seeing U.S. businesses on the leading edge understand these phenomenons in meaningful ways. Whether it's Starbucks enabling every customer to customize/personalize their own drinks (can't you easily envision an Ode to your Triple Grande Light Soy Extra Hot 2 pump Vanilla Latte?) or Beck releasing a cd with stickers included, people are beginning to really embrace these two trends. What I actually find frustrating/fascinating is how few of them really believe it at the moment however - keep up the good work evangelizing it :).

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