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    August 07, 2007


    The peanut gallery

    That's why us creative people need to get better at creating powerful ideas, so we can get respect and get paid for quality instead of quantity or time spent.

    Part of the reason why this business is in such trouble is because agencies have willingly become "vendors of ads and placers of media" rather than "generators of ideas."

    Creative insights and concepts (from all "divisions" of an agency) are the ONLY things a client really NEEDS advertising folks for.

    As far as the offshore thing, I'm a 28 year-old creative, and i've known for years i may someday end up having to move to India or Singapore or wherever to pursue my work.

    Be prepared, folks, it's gonna happen.

    David Armano

    Hey—all I can tell you is that I'm happy working on stuff I care about. Creating great experiences. :)

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