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    August 15, 2007



    Hey nice and well articulated article. Check out http://www.Officegupshup.com/articles1 for interesting boss bitching stories. There is a huge chunk of people who love to bitch about their boss, just to get the weight off their chest. I like the interface http://www.Officegupshup.com has given to appraise bosses and pass verdicts on bad and good managers.

    I am sure the site owner would love to hear from an agency standpoint, what kind of bosses we have!


    Excellent advice, finding a mentor in particular. Thanks.

    Male Call

    Nice list.

    I would add one thing-You will get screwed over horribly, painfully, and without even an apology at least once a year, by your boss. It happens to everyone, and just consider yourself lucky if it only happens once a year. What that means is that it's especially important to get good bosses who give you opportunities and leadership, because then your rectum may heal faster after your obligatory screwing.


    This is wonderful -- I'm 3 weeks into my first job at an agency and already the advice clicks.


    I'm a marketing manager from Manila and I found your advise for newbies quite helpful. I especially liked the part on "Talk to the People Who Can Help You".

    When I was still in a junior position, the daily gripe sessions were happening in my department and it wasn't helping any of the staff advance to where they wanted to go. Good thing our boss got wind of it and then decided to hold dialogues with each of the team members to find out what the needs were.

    Great post!


    I really loved this post, but I think the advice can stretch way beyond the agency world. Having spent time working in numerous "in-house" shops as well as on the client side, I can say first-hand that the tips you've provided here definitely come in hand in almost any marketing position....and probably even in other industries. I also think it's good advice whether you're new to the industry or just starting a new job. Great public service announcement!


    Wow. When I saw this spotlighted on AdRants, I was expecting to find a snarky rant with plenty of warnings regarding sexual harassment. Instead, I discover an extraordinarily thoughtful and insightful perspective. Nicely done.

    As a creative director, I might add a few thoughts.

    Before you even become a newbie, make sure you’ve done your homework regarding the job. The industry has too many employers who don’t fully disclose the challenges of the position (i.e., they hide or lie about the real headaches you’ll be expected to deal with). During the interview, ask to see examples of the work you’ll be expected to do. Then be honest with yourself. If you really know you won’t be able to handle the responsibilities, don’t take the job. Because I will not hesitate to fire you quickly if you turn out to be a fraud (and it doesn’t take long to figure it out). Unfortunately, if your employer turns out to be a fraud, your primary recourse is to quit—sorry, it’s unlikely you will be able to fire them. If the employer is not open in the interview, you probably don’t want to work for him anyways.

    Find a mentor and/or partner-in-crime fast. Avoid the burned-out cynics—hook up with the people who are well-liked, respected performers. If your boss is busy, she will definitely prefer to see you receive guidance from the performers they trust versus having you try to get instructions directly from them. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss to connect you with the right mentors and partners.

    Become an expert of the brands you’re assigned to. The Internet makes it easy to view current work, competition, consumer insights and more. You’ll be amazed at the cluelessness of most account planners. Don’t let their ignorance fuel yours. There’s nothing more irritating than account people or creatives working on and critiquing projects when they are totally unfamiliar with the fucking brand.

    Branislav Peric

    You are getting famous, being spotlighted like this on a very "serious" newsletter like Adrants.

    You deserve it, clap clap.
    Your words are even reaching my French blog.

    Someone Foreign

    Good God! Are you spying on me!?!

    Oh, where were these advices 11 months ago. And would my ears have been blocked by my newly energized ego? Probably. Still, better late than never.

    Someone Foreign

    Good God! Are you spying on me!?!

    Oh, where were these advices 11 months ago. And would my ears have been blocked by my newly energized ego? Probably. Still, better late than never.


    Hi, I would like to translate this post into Spanish because I think it would be really helpful.
    I read it with a lot of interest and I think that this are great advice for any newbies.
    Thanks for this kind of advice.


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