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    November 20, 2006


    Ron E.

    Ahh I like this Ad!

    It's perfect for the target they're going towards. How many of us, in our schooling years, did hundreds and hundreds of this kind of drawings while being lectured on some boring subject?

    Seems like they did their 'homework' and got into researching kids before just putting some weird ad out there.

    Ron E.


    history repeats itself. especially amongst copycats

    Don Matterhorn

    saw the same idea 8 years ago for cheap telephone rates - non stop doodling. was cool back than ;)

    Georgy Bezborodov

    www.adverland.co.uk - maybe biggest online ad archive - welcome!


    is it from Impact BBDO Beirut or Dubai?

    Nowadays drawings in advertising seem to be a very much followed trend. Check Suzuki swift campaign or some of Nike ads, EMI, Converse & plenty more...Art & Advertising a awesome mix....

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