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    November 20, 2006



    Regardless if the critters are fake or not, it is a great piece of advertising. A creative piece that can illustrate its meaning and get the message across with just a simple visual is great advertising. With this piece you get the point right away. Passer bys may be curious of what is in fact on the paper and when they find out, I am sure that the message is remembered!


    unbeliveble ideas. i'm wonder how it was executed.

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    blog fatigue?


    at least she is still alive. she deleted my last comment, which I thought was somewhat humorous. I guess she didn't. Advergirl, I promise I won't write or comment again, but get your blog back on!


    how mean... these bugs are out in the wilderness, not in your home. of course there are bugs outside, duh. i'm more concerned about the bugs inside. but even then, only bad ones, like termites.


    Great Stuff



    Yeah, now I'm worried. First I figured holidays + dayjob stole all her time... But it's feb now man!


    I was just thinking the same thing. What happened to this blog. I really thought it was one of the best on my feeder.

    Matt Brand

    what happened to this great blog? Did you cave to the competition? ;)

    Max Katsarelas

    I like the post- I have a similar one. Check out my blog on advertising!


    (also, I wanted the pics just to be able to see if it was fake or not. I suppose one would do a few to photograph pre-prepped with bugs, but photoshopping? Oh I hope not.)


    Dammit I LOVE that, wanted to post when it came out but never got any pics. :( Thanks for showing it off.

    Georgy Bezborodov

    www.adverland.co.uk - maybe biggest online ad archive - welcome!


    This is definitely fake. About 70% of the bugs are exactly the same in all three images. You can tell by aligning the first and the third photo in Photoshop. Change the blending mode to "Difference," and voilĂ , the evidence is crystal clear.


    It looks fake to me : look at the "K" letter in the first and last sheet : they are exactly made with the same bugs, althought its supposed to be in different places... Also I don't like the idea that animals (even bugs) are killed for advertising...

    a Fly

    It definitely grabbed my attention.


    uuh, i like it


    Urgh, gross. But way to grab people's attention

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