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    May 28, 2006



    Ha! That's funny. No, we had nothing to do with them. The ads were sitting with one of our teams who were monitoring other retailers for their own client.
    Keep the $5, but should you ever feel inclined to mention the great CMM News in the near or distant future, I shall be most humbled.


    That is it exactly. Thank you so much. I owe you $5 - commission on the bet I had that World Market DOES in fact run television spots.

    Great work, by the way - congrats if you were involved in the production. I love 'em.


    Here's one:

    Is that what you had in mind?


    Whoops, yes probably. Are those the ones where the couples appear to be shopping in an exotic bazaar and it turns out that they're in a WM store?


    I know one of our US offices has 4 WM spots that ran from Sep-Dec '05. Is the one you're thinking of still on air?

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