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    February 01, 2006


    Lil Dawgg

    Spotrunner's fine print sez no-can-do. Example: 60-second ads? No can do. Web version for easy distribution? No can do. Air with another agency? No can do. Air for less than another agency? No can do. Short term air time schedules? No can do. National airings? Spotrunner no can do. Free phone consultation? Spotrunner no can do. Check out Cheap-TV-Spots.com for can-do services. Cheap TV Spots does it all for less than Spotrunner and without 10 million dollars in venture capital. CheapTVSpots.com was started by actual award winning film people with advertising and marketing backgrounds. Spotrunner just has web guys that rent old used-up ads that really cost more by the time you get done with their add-on services. Should Cheap-TV-Spots.com buy Spotrunner? Yep. They should.

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