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    March 29, 2006



    a friend of mine told me about a free mail service that's totally free of annoying spam. I've used it since June 1st and haven't received a single piece of spam.
    however, a mail with my girlfriend's pics (90mb) was once delayed for about 5h.
    Let's make a list of the purest [B]free [/B]mail services - who uses what and for how long and what problems arise

    my choice is
    4 months

    I think the subject will be interesting :)


    Hi i'm new on your forum and all the stuff so please bear with me. I would much appreciate it if you help me in this.

    I'm considering getting a script to protect my web pages and have narrowed it down to a few password protection systems. But maybe some one already uses such scripts and can share his/her thoughts, or you know a better way to protect web pages without using these scripts.... Maybe I can create some code and paste it on my web page. I need to protect only a couple of pages, and I'm not sure if I need to buy something or not. I would greatly apprieciate your help! Thanks.

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